I came to Neo Tantra partly because I wanted to explore a different sexuality (mine being rather boring) and partly because I was thirsty to combine sexuality and spirituality.

When you come from a Judeo-Christian culture, how do you get out of a sexuality-seduction?

When one has not received a real education, how to get out of a “goal oriented” sexuality: I get excited, you get excited, we get excited, we cum and then go to sleep. At best we start again.

I used to love to make love at the beginning of a relationship and then … boredom would creep in and routine would take over.
Everything seemed so predictable.

So how could I create something different, something magical in my relationship?

I had the feeling that something else existed and I wanted to explore.
For me this path was a path of discovery and intense crossings.
There is no hiding on this path.
It is a total exposure with no return.

What it has changed:

Many times I have asked myself how I got here?
I attended my Tantra school, I taught my own workshops, and each time I felt that I knew this path.

After several years of exploration, my intimate life was radically transformed.
There was a before and after.
A predictable and boring before and a wonderful and surprising after.

At the time, I was embarrassingly shy. I was phenomenally ashamed.
Walking around naked was simply impossible.

And all of a sudden, I find myself propelled into my first tantra workshop where the invitation is to get naked and present yourself to each participant, one by one.

In my own world, it’s a nightmare.

But I came, I paid and I will make sure to play the game and move my limits.
I am shocked by the sight of so much flesh. All those bodies running around on the grass under the sun, right after the exercise. Wow, embodiment in all its glory.

We don’t talk about a Tantra course.

For several reasons, first of all because taken out of their context, the proposals do not make any sense but also to keep the mystery and not to spoil the moment.

So I will stop here for today.

Today …

I discovered that I love to guide couples.
During workshops but also in private sessions.

Creating a trusting, joyful space where the couple can learn to express themselves differently.

Where guided, they can discover unknown spaces.
Where they learn to reveal themselves, to listen to their partner in a different way, whether it be through verbal communication or through touch.
Discovering the other through tantric practices at home or in training.
At your own pace.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to explore in your turn.